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Black Moonstone, Tumbled

Black Moonstone, Tumbled

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Original from India.

Size between 0.5 and 1 inch (1.3 - 2.5 cm)

Infused in Reiki energy the moment I prepare your order. Description card included.

Known in "Geology Lore" as Black Feldspar.

Black Moonstone is connected to Goddess energy. A stone of feminine empowerment.
An excellent companion stone for times of rebirth, transformation and growth.

Black Moonstone is very protective, deflecting negative energy and transforming them back into Light.
More grounding than other moonstones, yet it has a much gentler energy than other Root chakra crystals.
Especially suitable for New Moon rituals.

It facilitates the connection with your spirit guides, and It nurtures your soul for your greatest good.

Increases our sensitivity to the Feminine Divine, to heighten intuition, and opening us up to our psychic gifts.
It encourages hope and inspiration to allow us to wish, aspire, and flow in harmony with our dreams. It opens us up to synchronicity and serendipity.
Induces a restful sleep, and aids in lucid dreaming.

REIKI TIP: Combine it with Amazonite and Rose Quartz in your meditation practice or keep by your bed at night, to help you balance your Feminine Divine energy, tap into intuition, and connect to your Angels and Spirit Guides.



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