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Attachment Release - Cord-cutting with Distance Reiki. 60 Minute session

Attachment Release - Cord-cutting with Distance Reiki. 60 Minute session

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60 minute Distance Reiki session to cut cords, negative attachments that no longer serve your life: Spirits, negative/toxic people's energetic attachments (cords).

This session runs in 3 parts:
1) Reiki for protection.
2) Cord cutting/release with the help of Reiki, Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Archangel Michael.
3) Reiki healing for the area of the body where the attachment used to be.

Reiki works for the greatest good of everyone involved. For this reason, I cannot select which cords to cut nor I'll be able to identify what/who has been sent away. Reiki decides which ones are no longer having a positive impact in your life and releases them. Hopefully those cords will be the ones of your main concern, but trust that anything that is not doing good in your life will be released and sent to the Light by Reiki.

Stubborn cases might need more than one session. Specially if you are still exposed to the negative energies of the place, situation, or person in particular.

You'll Receive a digital report after our session (via email), with my observations during the healing and suggestions (mainly focused on self or spiritual care) to aid with the healing process. 



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