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Amethyst Aventurine Evil Eye Bracelet

Amethyst Aventurine Evil Eye Bracelet

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Evil Eye beads have been used since ancient times for protection. It is believed that anything in the shape of an eye will reflect negative energy back to the source that produced it.

The bracelet is hand made in 8mm natural Amethyst beads, with one larger focal bead in Green Aventurine with Evil Eye glass beads.

Cleansed and charged in Reiki Healing energy, which I perform the moment I prepare your order for a more personalized touch.

Amethyst is a Third Eye chakra stone. It helps with psychic protection and intuition.

Green Aventurine is a Heart chakra stone. Also a stone of abundance and good luck, Green aventurine not only helps attracting positive energies. It also protects your own energy from being lost to toxic people of "Energy Vampires".

As with everything made by Mother Nature or handmade, every piece is unique on its kind. Please note that colors might vary a little.



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